Saffron Extract Supplement, Pure All-Natural



  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Regulates Metabolism
  • Balances Mood
  • Relieve the Symptoms of PMS


Saffron Extract Supplement

Saffron extract is a very difficult ingredient to extract from the saffron flower. It takes a lot of flowers to release a moderate amount of the extract. Growers harvest this luxurious spice by hand, working long hours to pick all the flowers before they wilt. It takes over 75,000 stigmas to make 500 grams of saffron spice, which explains why it is so expensive. Thankfully, you only need to use a few milligrams of this luxurious spice to feel its benefits. This actually works like an appetite suppressant would, feeling satisfied, supporting your mood, and overall feelings of well-being, making you feel more positive and happier.


Saffron Helps Supports Weight Loss

This is also a very powerful appetite suppressant that does not cause the kind of side effects that you normally get with other appetite suppressants. In other words, this does not artificially fill your stomach with fiber or other ingredients that can make you sick. Saffron is very powerful at helping reduce the kind of cravings that you normally would get while dieting.

In 2010, Nutrition Research of New York studied the effect of saffron on weight. A group of overweight women were given a supplement containing this extract and another group received a placebo. The group that took the saffron extract reduced their snacking by 55% and reported more weight loss than the group that had taken the placebo.


Balance Your Mood

There’s an undeniable link between eating and emotions. Most of us have experienced comfort eating, reaching for those biscuits after a difficult meeting at work, or that slice of cake after a stressful day. Feeling low, stressed or anxious can make it much harder to stick to a healthy eating plan, especially if you’re just starting out on your weight loss journey.


Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

You may want to give saffron a try if you suffer from symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. A recent study showed that 15 mg, twice a day reduces physical and emotional symptoms of PMS, such as cramps, headaches, bloating, irritability, mood-swings and food cravings, by 50%.

  • Appetite Suppressant and Regulates the Metabolism
    People use Saffron extract as a natural spice for seasoning, fragrance, and medicine for over three millennia.  Many has discovered that Saffron extract makes a great appetite suppressant, curbing the hunger and shrinking belly fat quickly. Taking a daily dose of pure saffron extract helps burn fat the healthy way and reduce over eating naturally. Stay fit and lose the weight.
  • Balance Your Mood Naturally

    Saffron has been proven to improve the mood of research participants treated for mild to moderate forms of depression. Stimulate your brain and boost you serotonin levels with natural Saffron extract. They will leave you feeling joyful and renewed, having a more positive outlook on your day.

  • Relieve the Symptoms of PMS

    Research studies have shown that aside from weight loss, saffron extract helps to relieve the symptoms of PMS and women’s menstrual cramps.

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4 reviews for Saffron Extract Supplement, Pure All-Natural

  1. Anna

    Ive been taking Saffron for 3 months. I can see results and so can everyone else. Mostly in my tummy. I never thought something you cook with would turn out to be a great plus healthy way to help suppress hunger and increase weight loss. I haven’t had anything go wrong with this product and Ill continue to use it till I reach my goal!

  2. Dan

    I have been taking, saffron extract for 1 month. I started at 135 lbs and I am down to 122, lost 13 pounds in a month. I find that saffron really stop the cravings, I was very impressed! i love this stuff, I have done a little bit of exercise and eat regularly, but I was not as hungry with saffron. it works pretty good. I will keep taking it. I want to reach my goal of 115lbs.

  3. Karl

    This product cut my appetite down to almost nothing! It definitely held me through the work day and helped me lose weight. I don’t find myself snacking in the afternoon at work. I lost some of my belly fat now and my old belt actually fits again!

  4. Hailey

    I just recently read about Saffron Extract and all its health benefits, so I decided to add this to the daily supplements. While I didn’t necessarily buy this for weight loss, I did notice less cravings that usually hit me every afternoon which make me scrounge around the office and regret that my company removed the candy machine. I think I can contribute that to this Saffron Extract I have now been taking twice daily, morning and evening.

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