Health Benefits of Vitamin D3

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April 18, 2018
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Health Benefits of Vitamin D3
Health Benefits of Vitamin D3, do you know what they are? Well, let’s find out. Vitamin D3 is also referred to as the vita-shine or sunshine vitamin. The reason for this is pretty simple; your body synthesises this vitamin when sunlight hits your skin. When the morning sun lands on your skin, it activates a certain hormonal reaction. Well, this leads to the synthesis of the D3 vitamin. In the case of its deficiency, there are supplements and food prescriptions for your body to access it.

So Do Our Bodies Make Vitamin D?

Yes, that’s correct. And in here I will guide you into understanding this vitamin better and give you a list of vitamin D3 benefits. In the case of its deficit, many health problems will arise, and this is not what you want, is it?
Disorders That Result When Your Body Is Low on It
During winter season when the sun is less available, your body might run out of this life-giving vitamin. Below are the symptoms that you may experience in the case your body needs vitamin D3.


Bone and Muscle Pain – Your muscles especially your back muscles often fatigue. Assuredly, this is accompanied by sometimes unbearable pain on the subsequent muscles. You can’t walk properly or do your normal routines well.
Fluctuating Moods – One minute you are happy, the next you are grumpy. Well, this can get annoying and end up frustrating your everyday interactions. Mood swings are clear indications of more medical problems to ensue.
Depression – In the case you start feeling depressed, you might be in need of vitamin. Statistics say that 88% of Americans get depressed during cold months. Well, two things can contribute to this. One of them being the winter itself and the other being lack of vitamin D.
Falling Sick – If your body is out of the D3, you will notice how easily you fall sick. You even become susceptible to silly illnesses because your immune system is weak without the D3.


Cancers result when your body fails to manage the rate and frequency of new cells generation. Indeed, this result in the growth of tumours, that grows into cancer. If your body is lacking D3, this can happen to you. It’s scientifically proven that vitamin D prevents the development of cancerous cells. If you are enduring the symptoms mentioned above, you may be at risk of;
  1. Brain cancer.
  2. Prostate cancer.
  3. Lung cancer.
  4. Colon cancer.
  5. Breast cancer.
  6. Skin cancer.

Poor General Health

When your body lacks vitamin D, your immune system; i.e. your disease fighting system becomes weaker. This makes you reliable to many diseases since your system cannot fight illnesses.

In Summary

Vitamin D3 benefits are:
  1. The improvement of cognitive, immune and general neurological-health.
  2. 20-30 minutes of exposure to sunlight will see your body synthesise the vitamin. But in the case of its deficiency, be sure to try our 100% health approved supplements.

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